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This course is for you if you are able to talk to people about your everyday life, past experiences, and future plans. You will learn to give your opinions, explain your reasons, and engage in more abstract conversation.


🕐 Day & time: Wednesday 8 – 9:30pm (Rome timezone)

📅 Next start date: Wednesday 13th September

📋 Complete the mandatory Italian language test

🧑 Minimum age 18


Choose the number of sessions

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Main competencies:

  • express opinions, preferences and hopes
  • express agreement and disagreement
  • complain about something
  • express wishes, opinions, formulate hypothesis, make suppositions
  • use the correct language depending on different means of communications
  • talk about traditions, national holidays and presents
  • talk about historical characters and famous Italian people
  • describe Italy, its geography and its heritage
  • talk about everyday life and problems
  • talk about the news
  • learn and use the vocabulary related to: objects, materials, shapes, learning a language, problems of living in a big city, means of communication, bank holidays and traditions, books, family

Main grammar topics:

  • how to use the past tenses: passato prossimo and imperfetto
  • trapassato prossimo (e.g. avevo pensato, eravamo andati)
  • the subjunctive: congiuntivo presente, passato, imperfetto e trapassato
  • direct and indirect object pronouns (mi, ti, ci, vi, lo, la, li, le, gli, le)
  • compound pronouns (e.g. me la, glieli, etc.)
  • condizionale semplice (e.g. vorrei, mangerebbe, direste) and condizionale composto (e.g. avrei detto, sarebbe tornato)
  • relative pronouns (che, cui, quale)
  • periodo ipotetico della possibilità (e.g. se avessi i soldi, comprerei una casa nuova)
  • periodo ipotetico dell’irrealtà (e.g. se avessi preso la macchina, non sarei arrivato tardi)
  • conjunctions and prepositions
  • make comparisons using che and di
  • the passive form with essere and venire
  • the passive form with andare
  • indirect speech

Course structure

Courses run all year.
There are no lessons for 2 weeks in Easter, 3 weeks in Christmas and 6 weeks for the summer holidays.
New enrolments start every 5 weeks.

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