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We offer high quality experiences for people who, like you, have a passione for Italy. So, whether you love travelling to Italy, or just want to learn about it without having to board a plane, we can help.

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Free Italian lessons

Head to our YouTube channel where Marta delivers Italian lessons aimed at Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Making new free content each week for YouTube takes up a lot of time and resources.

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We offer Virtual Tours of Italian cities and educational webinars on popular cultural icons and historical characters. Check out the list of all upcoming webinars.

Do you want free access to our webinars? Visit our Special Offers page to find out how.

Online Italian Courses

Do you want to learn Italian with our qualified, professional, native Italian teachers? What are you waiting for? Start your language learning journey!

If instead you prefer private lessons click on the link below.

Learn Italian in Italy

Join us on our next educational experience in Italy which will fully immerse you in the local culture.

You will live like the locals, taste typical food and drinks and learn the language in authentic, real-life situations. Learn Italian the Passione Italiana way!


Click the button below to find all our user-friendly downloadable guides on Italian grammar and language.


Alternative Recipes

Here you will find all our free recipes online. They are super-healthy, incredibly tasty and ridiculously easy to make!

Silvia only uses fresh ingredients and will show you unusual variations of well-known Italian classic dishes.

Bilingual Talks

These unique learning experiences are delivered in Italian restaurants in East London. Tuck into a two-course meal and glass of wine whilst discovering an Italian city and picking up some Italian too! You have never experienced anything like it.

Study in Style!

And now you can also purchase our merchandise (T-shirts, bags, face masks, hoodies and much more) – start your collection today!

Alex is a qualified teacher and the founder of Passione Italiana. He plans and delivers the bilingual webinars, talks and online lessons since 2011. He is passionate about Italy and is also the Tour Manager on the trips to Italy.
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The Head
Frances has many years' experience as an educator. She has delivered several talks for us and is the driving force behind the books we publish on Amazon. Frances also supports us on all our face to face events.
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The Shoulder
Marta is an experienced educator and accompanies us on our trips to Italy. Marta’s enthusiasm and passion are truly infectious. Follow her free Italian lessons on YouTube aimed at beginner and intermediate learners.
The Heart
As well as organising and coordinating each event to ensure it runs smoothly, Silvia features in our YouTube videos where she challenges you with the 'Guess What It Is' games and shares tasty and simple recipes.
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The Face
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Reference Books

Find our grammar book for beginners, ‘Simpl-Italian’ and our reference book on the interesting differences between English and Italian, ‘England vs Italy’, on Amazon. Both are aimed at English speakers.


Traduzione con Passione

If you need professional translations, Passione Italiana is here for you!

-Vital records (birth, marriage, death)

-Private and public legal documents

-Police Clearance Certificates

-Real Estate documents

-Personal letters or family history documents

-Business documents (newsletters, advertising, marketing)

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