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Join this course to develop your speaking ability in Italian, improve your vocabulary and boost your confidence to better interact with Italian speakers in real life situations.

Minimum level: Intermediate (B1)


🕐 Day & time: Thursday 8 – 9:30pm (Rome timezone)

📅 Next start date: Thursday 25th July

📋 Complete the mandatory Italian language test

🧑 Minimum age 18

🤝 If you have any questions about our courses, book a 30 minute Zoom meeting with our team.


Choose the number of sessions

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Main competencies:

  • express opinions and discuss points of view
  • express doubts, agreement and disagreement
  • contest and opinion
  • describe procedures
  • report information
  • exchange info and advice
  • talk about self and express emotion with the proper register
  • express tastes and preferences in a more complex way
  • express wishes
  • make judgments and evaluations 
  • describe something clearly and in details
  • talk about the environment, cultural events and the news
  • point out something and discuss

Main grammar topics 

  • how to use the subjunctive: presente, passato, imperfetto and trapassato
  • relative pronouns (che, cui, quale)
  • position of adverbs and adjectives
  • pronominal verbs
  • compound words
  • how to use articles
  • verbs with two auxiliaries
  • passive form with essere, venire and andare
  • how to use the future tense: futuro semplice and future anteriore
  • how to use the conditional: condizionale semplice and condizionale composto 
  • how to form adverbs and adjectives
  • the if clauses
  • conjunctions
  • use of prepositions

Course structure

Courses run all year.
There are no lessons for 2 weeks in Easter, 3 weeks in Christmas and 6 weeks for the summer holidays.
New enrolments start every 5 weeks.

Enrolment dates 2024:

  • 18th January
  • 22nd February
  • 11th April
  • 16th May
  • 20th June
  • 25th July
  • 12th September
  • 17th October
  • 21st November

Enrolment dates 2025:

  • 9th January
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