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Our teachers are qualified, experienced and have a true passion for Italy. They are easy-going, caring and dedicated – we are sure you will feel at ease with them from the start. Our lessons are delivered on, so you don’t even have to leave your home to become fluent!

Get in touch today by email, and we can set up a free initial meeting so that we can clearly understand your level, needs, experience, motivation, and expectations.

A presto!

Where do I start?

Do you want to learn Italian, but are not sure where to start? Do you want to improve your language skills and need extra support? Have you ever used any of the following excuses?

“I don’t have time.”
“I don’t have the language gene.”
“I’ll never have a perfect accent.”
“I didn’t do it as a child, so why start now?”

And our personal favourite: “I’m too old to learn a new language.”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a begin­ner or can speak some Italian already, we have the right tutor for you. We have a team of dedicated Italian teach­ers who will be delighted to pre­pare your very own, indi­vidually tai­lored Italian course of private lessons. We will increase your confidence building on your existing knowledge and skills right from your first les­son. Why take months or years on an evening course if you can learn faster with a pri­vate tutor?


All the materials we use for our lessons are created by us so that we can guarantee the quality of what we give you. The resources are clear, visual and user-friendly. In addition, we base these on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C2).

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Private lessons

Learning Italian with a private tutor can be the most rewarding experience and they are proven to be one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to learn the language. It is the best solution for students who are time-conscious and want to see substantial results from their first lesson.

Our private lessons take into consideration your learning style, ability, language requirements, time commitment and personal motivations you might have to learn Italian; whether you have an Italian partner, family, friends or whether you visit the country for business, or just simply love Italy! We carefully structure the lessons around you to ensure you feel comfortable and able to learn at your own pace.

If you are learning Italian from scratch and want to become fluent, it is very important that your tutor helps you to explore the language in its complexity. Understanding the core patterns of Italian grammar will make your learning easy, enjoyable and interesting, rather than difficult or daunting. And that’s what we aim for.

Adult learners

So, let’s go back to “I’m too old to learn”. Undoubtedly, children are good at learning languages. They’re good at learning, full stop. They absorb new language like sponges, but adults are not bad at learning. In fact, they’re extremely good at it.

Truth is, adults can learn languages as easily as those in their younger years. In some ways, adults even have a leg up since they better understand their personal strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, for example. It is also important to remember that children are not inherently better learners than their adult counterparts: the two groups just learn very differently, and, in fact, there are a few ways that adults can outperform children in language acquisition based on their longer and more robust life experiences. Here are some tips that can help you on your journey to success!

5 Top language learning tips for adults

1. Use technology
There are many popular apps and websites out there for you to choose from: Duolingo, Mindsnacks, Busuu and Babbel. These offer bite-size vocabulary and grammar lessons at your fingertips, and many of them are free or extremely low-cost. Be sure to check out the specific features that each app offers: for example, many of the programs allow you to set daily time goals directly within the platform or connect with other learners and native speakers via chat if you have questions.

2. Learn from different sources
Do not limit the places you look for spoken and written Italian. Make sure you expose yourself to as many different target language sources as possible. Use books (even aimed at children), parallel text, grammar books, podcasts, webinars, songs with lyrics, films with subtitles.

3. Increase your vocabulary
Building vocabulary is essential to increase your confidence. In fact, the more words you know, the less you will struggle when speaking. As an adult, you can use hacks for memorising vocabulary quickly, which we’d argue work even better as an adult. Adults have more life experience and can invent more memorable stories as mnemonics to make the new vocabulary stick. Also, ensure you learn vocabulary that is relevant to you, your life, your work, etc.

4. Use your motivation
How many kids do you know who like to do extra homework after school when they don’t have to? Not many! The only reason most kids go to school and do homework at all is because they’re sent there by their parents. When you reach adulthood, however, you realise the benefits of learning for the sheer pleasure of it. As a result, you’re more motivated. This extra motivation means learning more quickly and efficiently. Consequently, the learning process itself becomes more enjoyable.

5. Relax!
This is possibly the most underestimated (and most important) top tip. Remember that when you start learning a language you are embarking on a life-changing journey and, by definition, these take time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, celebrate your successes (however small) and have fun with it.