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The street is the place where the gastronomic heart of a country meets the daily life of the people. And Puglia, with its famous Lecce street food, is no exception.

Popular food that over the years has been attracting an increasingly large and heterogeneous public, because this trend is popular, and not just among young people.

It is be because the flavour of a place is hidden in its most immediate and authentic form in street food. It’s because it is through food that one has the most satisfying experiences. And Lecce is very up to date on this issue: the city, in fact, is teeming with cafes and kiosks offering street food of all kinds that can satisfy the most diverse appetites, from the most demanding to the most homemade. Let’s see some of them together.

Street food in Puglia is a real tradition and even the capital of Salento is no exception. Let’s see, then, some of Lecce’s delicacies that are impossible to give up.
Il rustico leccese: Excellent for a quick lunch, perfect to take to the beach, tasty as a snack, also suitable as a savoury breakfast and delicious for an aperitif: the rustico leccese is a real goodness. It is a disc of puff pastry filled with béchamel, tomato and mozzarella and can be found in all takeaways, bakeries and bars in Lecce.
Le pittule: These simple pancakes made with flour, water and yeast are one of those recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation throughout Salento. In Lecce it is possible to taste them seasoned with different foods such as cod, prawns, cauliflower or other vegetables: the combinations are almost endless.
La puccia: The puccia is a typical Salento bread of about 20 – 30 centimeters in diameter, generally cooked in a wood oven. You can find this type of bread throughout Salento, but the puccia from Lecce is completely different from variantions found in other cities. The loaf cut in half is perfect for filling: if in the past poor and seasonal ingredients were mainly used, today the imagination gives life to real mouth-watering works of art.
Pezzetti di cavallo al sugo: horse meat in sauce is another typical recipe from Salento and Lecce: it is a stew of horse meat which takes a long time to cook and allows the meat to remain soft and tasty.
One of the ways to enjoy this stewed meat is inside a sandwich.
Il polpo alla pignata: Lu purpu alla pignata is a typical Salento recipe that you can easily taste even in Lecce. The octopus is cooked for a long time in an pan together with garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes, parsley and bay leaves. We have tasted this delicacy inside a tasty sandwich and we can tell you that it is an excellent street food idea.
Il pasticciotto: This dessert is the symbol of Salento pastry and you just need to take a bite to understand why. The pasticciotto is composed of a fragrant shortcrust pastry which contains a delicious custard inside. Once you’ve tasted it, you won’t be able to do without it: it’s excellent for breakfast, after lunch and as a snack! Enjoy it while sipping an excellent Lecce coffee for a complete experience.
Il fruttone: An alternative to the pasticciotto is the fruttone, a dessert that derives from the former: the outside is always in shortcrust pastry, but the filling is half almond paste and half jam. Also, the coating is chocolate.
Between the pasticciotto and the fruttone we absolutely cannot tell you which is better: both are amazing.
We have recommended some of the best street food in Lecce but if you want to try them all (and maybe you don’t have much time available), the best way to do it is to participate in a Street Food Tour of Lecce.
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