Learn Italian in Italy

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Learn Italian in the safe hands of experienced bilingual teachers. We organise specialist trips to Italy throughout the year. Marta and Alex will make your experience unforgettable.

Learn Italian in a different and unique way?

Together with our community of loyal customers, we’ll welcome you aboard. In other words, make you feel like you’re travelling with family. We’ll show you the real Italy, including the hidden secrets, and also help you avoid the tourist traps. We’ll go to the places where the locals go and help you to communicate in authentic situations. All this, in essence, supported by bespoke, carefully designed language activities.

In addition, you will take part in Italian lessons carefully planned for different levels of ability. In fact, at the booking stage, we take the time to get to know you, so we understand exactly what you want.

We speak italiano

Our trips are not only a great way to see Italy, but also an easy way to learn the language and practise using it. Don’t worry about your level of Italian, we specifically create bespoke in-situation activities to make sure everyone gets to speak as much (or as little) as they want.

Learn Italian in Italy - Upcoming Trips

We confirm and advertise dates two months before each trip

Learn Italian in the multifaceted city of Palermo. Explore the bustling streets of Sicily’s capital, marvel at the intriguing Baroque architecture and, of course, savour the enticing tastes and aromas of freshly cooked pasta and world-famous cannoli.

Known as the Red City due to its typical tiles and political history, Bologna is home to Europe’s oldest university. But as well as its history, Bologna is also famous for its incredible cuisine, which you’ll be able to sample while practising your Italian.

In a country famed for its magnificent architecture, Pisa, with its notorious tower, certainly leans into the limelight. Come with us to practise your Italian while immersed in the breath-taking scenario of Piazza dei Miracoli or while strolling along the banks of the beautiful River Arno.

Visit the cosmopolitan centre of northern Italy with its trend-setting fashion and vibrant life. Learn Italian and then put it to use as you order traditional dishes such as cotoletta alla milanese and risotto allo zafferano.

Rome, where world-famous monuments lurk around every corner. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Eternal City and practise your Italian in the shadow of the Colosseum or along the banks of the Tiber.

Chosen by Shakespeare as the setting for one of his most famous plays, Verona is uniquely home to the balcony where Romeo declared his love for Juliet. Practise Italian while sipping a coffee in one of Verona’s vibrant piazzas or looking at the suggestive Roman amphitheatre.

Famed as the most romantic city in the world, Venice boasts so much more than gondolas rides and picturesque bridges. In fact, St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the most iconic sights in Europe and, equally important, be sure to sample the delicious Cicchetti.

There is a reason we say “See Naples and die”: once you’ve visited this beautiful city, nowhere else will capture your soul so absolutely. Every street tells a story, every piazza is a wonder to discover, and every day a chance to practise your Italian.

If you want to know more about dates, prices, what’s included and also enquire about future destinations, please get in touch. Marta and Alex will be very happy to answer all your questions. Make sure you read out Trips Terms and Conditions.
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So, what’s involved?

Learn Italian ‘al fresco’

We prepare unique language activities, games and tailor-made handouts which will help you learn Italian in real-life setting, expand your vocabulary and boost your confidence. In other words, we’ll always make sure that you get the opportunity to communicate with native speakers and enrich your language skills. We also prepare a booklet containing information about the city and useful phrases to help you get around.

Language lessons

Marta and Alex plan, design and deliver fun and interactive Italian lessons for you to improve your vocabulary and grammar, but also learn key facts about the city we are visiting. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner or you already speak Italian, we will ensure you can actively take part and be stretched at your level.

Eat with the locals

Whether alone or with the group, you will experience the genuine taste of Italy and sample local cuisine in authentic restaurants and cafés. What a perfect way to learn the language – so, raise your glass of vino and say “cin cin”.

Experience Italy the Passione Italiana way!