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Would you like to learn to speak Italian from the comfort of your own home? Join our online Italian courses and learn in a fun and interactive way. Our communicative lessons are taught by the same qualified and experienced Italian teachers you have seen on the Passione Italiana YouTube channel. You will join an intimate group of 4 to 10 participants to take your Italian to a whole new level.

These courses are taught on different days and times (the times you see advertised are UK times) and are offered from beginners to advanced, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C2).

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Online Courses

The Courses

At Passione Italiana, we divide our Italian group courses into four main levels: Beginners (A1), Elementary (A2), Intermediate (B1), Post-Intermediate (B2). These levels are each divided into three parts of 22.5 hours across the whole year. Our expert Italian teachers will guide you to develop the four learning skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Courses are non-accredited and do not offer a qualification.

Find the right online Italian course for you

To ensure you get the best possible Italian learning experience, we have created a multiple-choice test to help you (and us) find the right course for you. Please follow the test instructions carefully so we can ensure you join the right course for your level. Please note that the test is mandatory even if you are an absolute beginner.

Our Offer


Learn Italian from scratch. Learn the basics of the language: talk about yourself and other people, describe your everyday life, interact with Italians in everyday situations and express your tastes and likes.


If you already have a basic knowledge of the language and can talk about yourself and other people, describe your everyday life and express likes and preferences, this course is for you. Build on what you already know as you learn how to talk about past experiences, give advice and orders, make hypotheses and interact with other Italian speakers with more confidence.


This course is for you if you have already studied Italian for about two years and are able to talk to people about different topics, such as everyday life, past experiences, and future plans. You will learn to give your opinions, explain your reasons, discuss current affairs, and engage in more abstract conversation.


If you already know how to use all the main structures of Italian and want to deepen your knowledge and become more fluent and confident then this course is for you. You will broaden your Italian vocabulary as you take your knowledge to the next level.

conversation courses

Develop your speaking ability in Italian, improve your vocabulary and boost your confidence to better interact with Italian speakers in real life situations. Visual aids, prompts, games, role-plays will be used during the lessons to stimulate the conversation.

New courses start in January 2023!

(Enrolments open in October)

Qualified and experienced Italian teachers

Alex – I founded Passione Italiana in 2001 to share my passion for Italy. I have been teaching Italian since 2004 both privately to individuals and small groups, and also for my local Adult College. In 2007 I gained the Level 5 Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, the Level 3 Assessor Certificate and Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills (QTLS) status in 2011.

Having grown up with both English and Italian, I am fascinated by the curious linguistic links between the two languages. I am passionate about education and love sharing my “passione” with our students. 

alex - passione italiana

Marta – Italian is in my blood and teaching is in my heart. I’ve been teaching Italian as a foreign language since 2004. Since I started teaching at International House Milano, my passion to travel and desire to share my language and culture has taken me to the US and the UK. In this time I’ve clocked up a lot of experience teaching multilingual groups and intensive one-to-one courses. By planning my lessons around the learners’ needs, I’ve helped students reach a variety of language goals from formal examinations and business communication to travel and the joy of simply learning my beautiful language. 

Qualifications: Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, Certificate in Italian Language Teaching to Adults with the Communicative Approach (CLTA), Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.

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Stefania – I have been teaching Italian since 2006. I’ve taught students in Russia and in Milan. As a teacher at International House school in Milan, I managed multilingual classes from complete beginners to advanced and exam preparation courses. Teaching Italian is my passion. I love the cultural exchange, showing my students the beauty of my language, the Italian culture and learning from them at the same time. I also teach one-to-one lessons for managers in important multinational companies where clear and precise communication is essential. 

Qualifications: Degree in Foreign languages and literatures (English and Russian), CILTA – Certificate of Italian Language teaching to adults, DITALS II – Certificazione di didattica dell’italiano a stranieri, CELI examiner training.

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At a glance

    • Minimum age 18
    • Each course/part is 15 sessions- 22.5 hours in total
    • Sessions are 1.5 hours once a week
    • Intimate groups of 4 – 10 students (minimum numbers apply)
    • Take the mandatory test to know your level even if you are a beginner
    • Qualified and experienced teachers
    • Non-accredited courses for maximum flexibility
    • Programmes of learning based on the “Nuovo Espresso” books by Alma Edizioni
    • Additional bespoke resources used to help you on your learning journey
Nuovo Espresso 1
Nuovo Espresso 2
Nuovo Espresso 3
Nuovo Espresso 4

The benefits to you

      • small class sizes
      • fully qualified and experienced Italian teachers
      • learn from anywhere in the world
      • courses offered at different days and times
      • interactive and fun lessons
      • structured courses and weekly homework to help you progress
      • excellent value for money


The total cost for each Part (excluding the textbook) is £250. All fees must be paid in advance and by purchasing one of our courses you agree to our Terms and Conditions. If you purchase the book and the course does not run, we will not reimburse the cost you incurred.

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