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best Italian TV series on Netflix

Best Italian TV series on Netflix

Do you want to know which are the best Italian TV series on Netflix?

Here are the six Italian TV series streaming on Netflix not to be missed!

Do you want to dive into a ‘made in Italy’ television series but you don’t know where to start?

We have selected for you some of the Italian series streaming on Netflix not to be missed.

The streaming giant Netflix has a catalog full of unmissable films, documentaries, anime and television series.

Among these titles, many of which Netflix originals, available exclusively on the platform, we also find several Italian television series that have made viewers of all ages fall in love and we have decided to report five that you absolutely cannot miss!

If you are not yet subscribed to Netflix but want to stream all the titles on our list, find out the prices of Netflix subscriptions here.

1. SKAM Italia

The first on our list can only be SKAM Italia, one of the most popular Italian TV series of the moment. The Italian web series, broadcast since 2018 and set in Rome, is inspired by the Norwegian series of the same name, Skam.

Each season focuses on a different character, addressing current issues. The fourth season of the series, released on Netflix on May 15, 2020 and currently the last one awaiting the release of the fifth season, focuses on the character of Sana Allegri, a girl of Muslim origins struggling with her first love.

2. Suburra

In second place on our list of Italian TV series not to be missed is Suburra, the television series inspired by the novel of the same name by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini.

The action / drama TV series is set in Rome and tells of the organized crime that lives in the streets and that wants to impose its own laws, controlling important territories of the Roman coast. In doing so, he becomes the protagonists of a bloody struggle with the Vatican and corrupt politicians.

3. Baby

The third title on our list is Baby, the made in Italy television series, Netflix original, which is inspired by the 2013 ‘baby squillo’ scandal.

Set in Rome, more precisely in the Parioli district, it follows the story of two girls, Chiara and Ludovica, who soon find themselves dealing with a reality bigger than them: that of prostitution.

The teen drama series consists of three seasons.

4. Summertime

Fourth series on the list is Summertime, released on the platform on April 29, 2020. The series was so successful that it was renewed for another two seasons.

The series follows the story of Ale and Summer. The two, who come from completely different worlds, find themselves inexplicably attracted to each other and live together an unforgettable summer that changes them forever.

5. Curon

In fifth place in our list of recommendations with a made in Italy series very different from the others: Curon. Composed of a single season, landed on Netflix on June 10, 2020.

The series, of the fantatsy genre, is set in Trentino Alto Adige and takes its cue from the legends that revolve around the town of Couron Venosta, completely immersed in water except for the bell tower of the old church. The story follows the story of Anna, who has just returned to her hometown, and her two children. After the mysterious disappearance of the woman, the twins find themselves having to face a journey that leads them to discover the secrets that hide behind the apparently quiet town.

6. Luna Park

Luna Park is among the latest Netflix originals of Italian production, available on the platform from 30 September 2021. With Ludovica Martino, Luna Park is a series that has as its theme the search for a truth hidden for years, which sees the light thanks to a meeting wanted by destiny.

Now that you know the five Italian TV series not to be missed on Netflix you just have to choose which one to start, get comfortable and start watching the series!

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