Intermediate Part 1



The B1 Level is divided into 3 parts (15 sessions each) and lasts all year. At the end of all three parts you will complete the level.

  • This course is 15 sessions long x 1.5 hours
  • 1 session per week
  • Check the course dates and content carefully to make sure you enrol on the right programme for you
  • Complete the mandatory Italian language test to find out your level before enrolling.
  • The advertised times are UK times
  • Minimum age 18
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • USD

This course is for you if you have already studied Italian for about two years, know the basic structure of the language and are able to interact and talk to people about different topics, such as everyday life, past experiences, and future plans. You will deepen your knowledge of Italian and learn to speak to Italians with confidence. You will learn to give your opinions, explain your reasons, discuss current affairs, and engage in more abstract conversation.

To join any of our courses, please make sure you complete the mandatory Italian language test to find out your level.

You will be asked to purchase a textbook to support your studies. The book we recommend and follow will cover Part 1, 2 and 3. Do not purchase the ebook and CDs/DVDs – just the book.

If you purchase the book and the course does not run, we will not reimburse the cost you incurred.

Alma Edizioni – Nuovo Espresso 3

Nuovo Espresso 3

Part 1

Objectives of the course:

  • express opinions, preferences and hopes
  • express agreement and disagreement
  • express wishes and make hypothesis
  • ask to borrow something
  • complain about something
  • learn and use the vocabulary related to: furniture, houses, apartments, learning a language, problems of living in a big city

Grammar topics:

  • how to use quello and bello
  • congiuntivo presente (e.g. sia, abbiate, vadano)
  • revision of direct and indirect object pronouns (mi, ti, ci, vi, lo, la, li, le, gli, le)
  • compound pronouns (e.g. me la, glieli, ecc.)
  • revision of how to use passato prossimo and imperfetto
  • trapassato prossimo (e.g. avevo pensato, eravamo andati)
  • revision of condizionale semplice (e.g. vorrei, mangerebbe, direste)
  • condizionale composto (e.g. avrei detto, sarebbe tornato)

Previous knowledge required:

  • indefinite and definite articles (un, uno, una, una, un’, il, lo, l’, la, i, gli, le)
  • the present tense of regular and irregular verbs
  • reflexive verbs in the present and past tense (e.g. sono andata, mi sono svegliato, si sono sposati)
  • direct and indirect object pronouns (mi, ti, ci, vi, lo, la, li, le, gli, le)
  • passato prossimo and imperfetto (e.g. sono andato vs andavo)
  • condizionale semplice (e.g. farei, mangerebbero, andrebbe)
  • futuro semplice (e.g. andrò, farai, sarà)
  • preposizioni articolate (e.g. al, nello, sulla)
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