Elementary Part 1



The A2 Level is divided into 3 parts (15 sessions each) and lasts all year. At the end of all three parts you will complete the level.

  • This course is 15 sessions long x 1.5 hours
  • 1 session per week
  • Check the course dates and content carefully to make sure you enrol on the right programme for you
  • Complete the mandatory Italian language test to find out your level before enrolling
  • The advertised times are UK times
  • Minimum age 18
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • USD

If you already have a basic knowledge of the language and can talk about yourself and other people, describe your everyday life and express likes and preferences, this course is for you. Build on what you already know as you learn how to talk about past experiences, give advice and orders, make hypotheses and interact with other Italian speakers with more confidence.

To join any of our courses, please make sure you complete the mandatory Italian language test to find out your level.

You will be asked to purchase a textbook to support your studies. The book we recommend and follow will cover Part 1, 2 and 3. Do not purchase the ebook and CDs/DVDs – just the book.

If you purchase the book and the course does not run, we will not reimburse the cost you incurred.

Alma Edizioni – Nuovo Espresso 2

Nuovo Espresso 2

Part 1

Objectives of the course:

  • describe clothes and accessories and talk to the shop assistants
  • talk about your childhood and past events
  • describe people and make comparisons
  • tell what you and other people can/can’t do
  • describe a house and locate objects
  • learn and use the vocabulary related to: clothes, accessories, colours, animals, people’s appearance and personality, house and furniture

Grammar topics:

  • agreement article-noun-adjective
  • demonstrative adjectives questo and quello
  • imperfetto (e.g. andavo, mangiavi, eravamo)
  • introduction to the difference between passato prossimo and imperfetto
  • how to make comparisons
  • how to use sapere and potere
  • adverbs of place and compound prepositions (e.g. sotto, dietro, di fronte alla, nel)

Previous knowledge required:

  • how to use indefinite and definite articles (un, uno, una, un’, il, lo, l’, la, i, gli, le)
  • the present tense of regular verbs and main irregular verbs
  • how to ask and answer basic questions using dove, come, quando, perché, quanto
  • talk about your daily routine: what time you do something and know how to use basic reflexive verbs (e.g. svegliarsi, alzarsi, vestirsi)
  • passato prossimo (including passato prossimo of reflexive verbs) and be able to talk about past experiences (e.g. siamo andati, mi sono svegliato)
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