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Capri in a day

Capri is a stunning island located off the coast of Naples, Italy. It is known for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious resorts. Capri has been a popular tourist destination for centuries, and it is easy to see why. The island is simply breathtaking.
Capri can be reached by ferries that depart from Sorrento and Naples. In summer you will find additional trips from Salerno, Ischia, Positano and Amalfi. The journey takes less than 30 minutes. Departures are frequent and you can enjoy a beautiful view!
From the wharf, to reach the center of Capri you can take the funicular from the station which is clearly visible from the port or a taxi, if you don’t like heights!
You can bring your own car to the island only from November to Easter, but you probably won’t need it, as public transport works well and there are no viable roads, except one.
The best time to visit Capri is in spring, from April to June, or in late summer, from September to mid-October. You weather will be mild and, more importantly, you will not find crowds of tourists.
At a certain point, walking along the suggestive alleys of the Island of Capri, you will see the Faraglioni: Saetta, Stella and Scopolo: they are three large rocky boulders immersed in the blue sea and located a few meters from the Capri coast. They are one of the symbols of Capri and famous all over the world! The tallest (Saetta) measures 109 meters, while the one in the center (Stella) is crossed by a natural cave, which can be reached by boat. On the faraglione Scopolo, on the other hand, lives the famous blue lizard.
The name derives from the Greek word ‘pharos’, which means lighthouse.
The incredible blue of its waters has given the name to this ancient cave, known since the time of Emperor Tiberius: Grotta Azzurra. As soon as you enter the cave everything seems dark, then a fantastic scenario opens up! The sunlight reaches the inside of the cave passing from the bottom, like the underwater light of a swimming pool, allowing you to see the many incredible fish and the bottom itself. You can enter inside with rowing boats (it is forbidden to visit it by swimming or diving) that host 4 people. Careful, as in summer the wait can last up to an hour. The ride lasts 5 minutes and you have to lie down in the boat, as the entrance is only one meter high.
Villa Jovis is one of the best preserved Roman palaces in the Mediterranean and was dedicated to Jupiter by the Roman Emperor Tiberius. It is a grandiose villa that extends for 7 km east of Capri and, inside, the floors and part of the perimeter walls have been brought to light.
Anacapri is the largest municipality on the island and is located on the slopes of Monte Solaro, the “mountain of Capri”. There are many alleys, squares, beaches and suggestive views that you can discover here. From here you can reach the Blue Grotto on foot and Monte Solaro by cable car, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. You can also go to the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, with its beautiful majolica floor depicting the expulsion from Paradise of Adam and Eve.
Finally, you can reach Punta Carena with its lighthouse, the largest in Italy, after the one in Genoa. Here is the Lido del Faro, a bay with turquoise waters, terraces among the rocks, a private establishment and a free one and… an unforgettable sunset over the sea!
If you want to take the classic photos of the sea of Capri and the Faraglioni you have to take via Krupp and pass by the Gardens of Augustus. It was built by the engineer Emilio Mayer commissioned by the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp. The latter wanted a road that from Marina Piccola (where his boat docked) would climb up to the Certosa di San Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus, the area where his suite was located. The Gardens of Augustus consist of flowered terraces overlooking the sea from which you can admire the stacks, via Krupp and the Bay of Marina Piccola. While the Certosa di San Giacomo, built in 1371, is the oldest monastery on Capri. It houses the museum dedicated to the German painter Karl Diefenbach. Visiting Capri doesn’t just mean walking and enjoying the sea, but… also diving its history!
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